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Greetings from The Chairman

Greetings from The Chairman    



Congress chair : Yuzuru Yoshida
 Saitama Medical University International Medical Center


 “The 46th Annual Scientific Conference of The Japanese Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology in Medicine”, which was planned to be held last October, had been announced to be postponed for approximately a year. This time, it shall be renamed as “JaSECT 2020+1 Perfusion Olympics”, and will be rescheduled 16 – 17 October 2021.


The meeting will be held both at the venue and live streaming online. The venue is Tokyo Fasion Town(TFT Building East/West, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo). It is an area close to where volleyball, tennis, and gymnastics of Tokyo 2020 Olympic games will take place, and is also near Tokyo’s new fish market, “Toyosu market”.


Referring to the word “Olympism (spirit of the Olympic games)”, we have adopted “Perfusionism” as our slogan. Being conscious that we are working as a team, focusing on knowledge domestic and abroad in order to improve our skills, all to contribute in making our work safer and greater. “Perfusionism” implies the spirit of perfusionists, it represents what we believe in, and hopefully we can play a role through the congress.


 We have raised five specific themes; “As a Team” “Academic Studies” “Perfusion IRL” “Something new, something different” and “Inheritance~past-present-future”.

In addition, due to the subtitle of this congress “Meet to meet = all the more reason to MEET, all the more reason to DO”, we have considered safe and smooth management plans concerning the Corona related confusions. Supported by the newly settled feature reflecting the current social conditions, we will ensure the appropriateness and the meaningfulness of the congress.

To our members of JaSECT, we appreciate the hard works in your daily job. Feel free to disclose the achievements of your past two years,

To our fellow companies, we are grateful for all your continuous supports towards the development of extra-corporeal technology through the years, and co-operation in this congress to work out.



Our fight against the disease hasn’t come to an end yet.

All the best wishes for health and peace.

Looking forward to see you on sight and on screen!