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Greetings from the President


Makoto Anno


Thank you for visiting the English page of the Japanese Society of Extra-corporeal Technology in Medicine (JaSECT) on the website.


I am Makoto Anno and took over as the president of JaSECT in 2022. It is a great honor for me, and I am very proud of this important responsibility simultaneously. I would like to make full use of my experience for the development of society.JaSECT will continue to develop as an academic organization with its members and those who aspire to become perfusionists by disseminating valuable technology information both domestically and internationally. Moreover, we hope to enhance our presence as a professional society and develop further as one that can “contribute to medical care”.


JaSECT was founded in 1976 as the Japanese Society of Extracorporeal Circulation Technology and has been an academic organization with over 3,400 members currently. Of these, 2,100 members have acquired the “Certified clinical perfusionist (CCP)” designation. They have expert skills and knowledge which handling heart-lung machines during cardiac surgeries, maintaining ECMO patients, and assisted circulation devices at medical institutions and educational institutions nationwide.


Especially, the COVID-19 pandemic, ECMO has been managed in 1,300 cases in Japan, and JaSECT members and CCPs have been active in many of those cases. In addition, academic activities have actively dealt with the hardship with the slogan ” Together we can beat the coronavirus!”. We have maintained our academic activities by holding our annual congresses and educational seminars online currently. Therefore, we will promote many more global exchanges online in the future.


As for our plans for this fiscal year, we are going to prepare for the 47th Annual Meeting in Fukuoka Japan on November 19-20. It is going to be held both locally and online. The International Session theme will be “Patient Blood Management”. Learning a variety of types of knowledge around the world are great opportunity to understand extracorporeal circulation in Japan deeply. And also, it would be connected to our growth. We will continue to promote our business to disseminate evidence and guidelines from Japan to the world.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in the endeavor.


Makoto Anno



July 2022




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