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Our journal, Japanese Journal of Extra-Corporeal Technology is published four times a year. This journal is mostly written in Japanese, but we have provided some papers in English including projects of JaSECT. From now on, we will publish accepted papers in English on this website. We appreciate it if you read these papers.


1. Makoto Hibiya: A survey of the present status for perfusion in institutions with members of the Japanese Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology in Medicine: Toward development of a perfusion database. Vol.39(2): 113-119, 2012


2. Tetsuya Kamei: A data analysis trial of the National Perfusion Registry in a pilot test. Vol.42(1): 1-7, 2015


3. Koji Takai: The current status of the safety management in practices of cardiopulmonary bypass: Focus to the report of JaSECT safety survey 2013. Vol.43(1): 1-12, 2016


4. Tomonori Soyama: Alkalemic conditions result in blood clotting in the circuit soon after initiating cardiopulmonary bypass. Vol.43(4): 339-345, 2016


5. Makoto Hibiya: Study profile of the perfusion registry in Japan. Vol.45(1): 1-7, 2018


6. Tetsuya Kamei: Data analysis of the perfusion registry in Japan Aggregate data between 2014 and 2016. Vol.45(2): 95-100, 2018


7. Atsushi Nakamura: Effects of bubble size differences on the bubble-trapping performance of arterial line filters. Vol.46(2): 119-124, 2019


8. Yoshihito Wakamatsu: Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin as an early indicator of acute kidny injury following pediatric cardiac surgery. Vol.47(1): 8-14, 2020


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